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Dr Hannah White is a material innovator and textile designer who brings together craft and design expertise from different disciplines to produce extraordinary textiles, materials and products that enrich the surroundings and engage the senses.

Hannah is a specialist in woven fabrics and constructed textile forms and has worked in the textile design for over 20 years. She completed her Textiles PhD at the Royal College of Art in 2019, where she developed a new composite material and is also a graduate from MA Design for Textile Futures at Central Saint Martins and has a 1st Class BA (Hons) degree in Woven Textiles.

Hannah uses her extensive textile knowledge, which is often combined with finishing processes, to design and make innovative materials. Her passion for engineering textiles through the construction of the weave and hand manipulation techniques creates beautifully crafted and striking products and materials for interiors and fashion. 

Hannah designs and creates bespoke fabrics for design projects, sculptural art pieces and luxury products. Hannah welcomes enquiries from interior designers, fashion designers, architects, scientists and design companies for commissions and collaborative projects.


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Hannah's passion for structural textiles and creating texture and form are central to her creative aesthetic and methodology.  She generates fresh making approaches to textile techniques by reinterpreting handcrafted textile processes through materials-led exploration and unconventional techniques.


Hannah innovates within contemporary textiles by combining her constructed textiles skills with cross-disciplinary collaboration. She has a wide experience of collaborating with both craft and industry partners and is inspired by the possibilities that can be achieved through the cross fertilisation of ideas that occurs when sharing knowledge from different areas of expertise.


Hannah’s woven work explores the subtle interplays of designing woven cloth through exploring the combinations of the weave construction, the choice of thread characteristics and how these change the fabric’s appearance when using different finishing processes. Hannah designs her own fabrics and also creates bespoke fabrics/ collections for clients.


As a weaver, Hannah instinctively thinks about how to integrate the visual aspects and the construction of the fabric at the same time rather than sequentially.  This method allows her to create fabrics that have very specific characteristics and properties. Hannah describes her process as ‘engineering with thread’.  By using finishing processes on her textiles, she activates different threads within the weaving to change the fabrics surface and to create three-dimensional textures.

Metal Integral Skeleton Textiles (MIST)

‘MIST’ is a hybrid textile and metal material that Hannah recently developed during her PhD research at the Royal College of Art (2015-2019). Hannah collaborated with metal engineers and a weaving mill to create this innovative material. MIST has a rigid metal skeleton framework within a pliable woven textile which allows for an organic textile like appearance, whereas the metal creates a rigid self-supporting form. The drape, softness and translucency of the fabric areas are a strong contrast to the opaque rigid areas of the metal. The fabrics really come to life when you can touch them and you can appreciate the contrast between the different material characteristics. MIST has many potential applications for sculptural wall coverings and panels, lighting and art pieces. Hannah is currently developing new designs. Please contact Hannah for more details about this new material.

Metal sculptural textile forms

Hannah also has developed a process to create sculptural metal pieces using hand stitched leather and metal finishing. These pieces explore the contrast of the rigid metal form with the soft leather hand crafted aesthetic, which challenges our perceptions of materials. Bespoke panels can be made to order.


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Please get in touch by email to discuss your project and any specific design concepts or design requirements. Bespoke designs can be created for individual clients and projects.


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